Courtney Marie Andrews signed with River Jones Music when she was 18. Courtney Andrews and River Jones co-produced three albums together “Urban Myths, Painters Hands and a Seventh Son, and For One I Knew.” They made a fourth album that later became the demos for “No One’s Slate is Clean.”

For One I Knew

  • Venus is Prominent
  • Broken Feet
  • The Days We Met Halfway
  • Pomegranate
  • Pioneer Boys
  • Oak Creek
  • For My Favorite Place
  • Two Feathers & Two Stones
  • Mt. Saint Helens

Painters Hands and a Seventh Son

  • Darling Boy
  • Differences and Affairs (Have Fun in Ohio)
  • Red-Handed Aesthetic Attractions
  • Common Ground for a Wallflower
  • Cougar Street
  • Hitched A Ride
  • The Buffalo and the Bird
  • A Seventh Son
  • Tucson On A Tuesday
  • Lullaby Kid
  • One Nighters and Songs
  • Painters Hands
  • Oh, the Blue
  • My Poetry

Urban Myths

  • It’s Okay, I Understand
  • Homesick
  • We’re Not Lily White
  • Plastic Phones
  • Thank You
  • The War Song
  • Personal Hell
  • True Beauty
  • Survival
  • Friday, Sunday
  • Actress Pt. 1
  • City, City Kids