With a dusty timbre, hypnotic voice, and confessional lyrics, Arizona-born singer and songwriter Dylan Pratt resembles a traditional troubadour in the purest sense of the word, bouncing from place to place and collating his travels and experiences in song. He signed with River Jones Music in 2011 for his first release “Lifters & Leaners.” He since has played live alongside the likes of Neko Case, JF McPherson, Rhett Miller and many more.

Lifters & Leaners

  • Soap Box
  • Beasties
  • Fall Awake
  • Back Are the Wicked
  • Peace Will Never Come
  • Storyteller
  • Was I To Do
  • Better We’ll Be
  • Sweet Jimmy (For Ma)
  • Sleep Song
  • Lifters & Leaners